Action For Allen

April 9, 2024

This is a beautiful time of year in Texas. The sense of possibility abounds — graduation, summer adventures, plans for the future. 

Spring in Texas is also marked by unbelievable tragedy. 

Almost a year has passed since the mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas. Eight people were murdered, and at least seven more were injured.

Allen Strong logo worn by FC Dallas starters for team photo, May 10, 2023 (Courtesy FC Dallas)

People out enjoying a spring Saturday – shopping with their families, going to work, even just driving in the parking lot – were changed forever by a senseless act of violence. 

This can’t be acceptable.

In the days after the tragic shooting, we heard promises of action from state leadership. They talked about protecting Texans and keeping guns from people with dangerous histories.  

But state leaders didn’t keep those promises. 

The Legislature did not strengthen background checks, did not adopt an extreme risk protection order law, and did not approve funding for new intervention or prevention programs. 

I can not and will not stand by quietly and wait, allowing the next horrible event like this to unfold.

You can join me to honor the lives stolen that day. Together, we can demand change.  

Sign our petition demanding that our leaders live up to their responsibility to keep Texans safe. 

Thank you for being part of the work for change. 

Let’s keep fighting,

Nicole Golden

Executive Director

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