At Texas Gun Sense, we know that long-term impact comes from a collection of big and small wins. Because of this, we focus on all areas of work that can effect positive change for our state and a sustainably safe future for Texas.



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We are advocates for progress. Every legislative session, we visit with Texas lawmakers and testify in hearings because we recognize the importance of relationships. We are building networks, tracking bills, raising awareness, and serving as a strong steady voice at the Capitol (something we know is needed no matter the political landscape). Because of this work, we’ve built the infrastructure and relationships to take advantage of opportunities to build a safer Texas.

Requiring background checks at every gun sale

Opposing the expansion of guns in schools

Adopting extreme risk protection orders

Providing a clear pathway for domestic abusers to relinquish firearms

Raising the age for the legal purchase of semi-automatic rifles

Preventing firearm suicide

Investing in community violence intervention and safe gun storage education


While legislative action is an important step towards reducing gun violence in Texas, it’s not the only way we can make an impact.

Firearm suicide prevention & safe gun storage education

At least 55% of gun deaths in Texas each year are due to suicide. Education about safe gun storage practices can help prevent unintentional shootings, suicides, and unauthorized access to firearms, while expanding access to voluntary gun storage options can provide a safe and secure place for individuals to store their firearms during a crisis. These steps are critical in preventing firearm suicide and unintentional death and injury.

Working with gun dealers to include crisis measures at the point of sale

At the point of sale, gun dealers have a unique opportunity to help prevent gun violence through crisis measures. In addition to conducting background checks to ensure that guns do not end up in the hands of those with documented violent histories, these measures could include providing information on safe gun storage practices, offering resources for mental health support, and providing temporary out-of-home firearm storage. By working with gun dealers at a community level, we can promote responsible gun ownership and take steps towards reducing gun deaths.

Advocating for gun safety initiatives at City Councils, County Commissions, and other local entities

Creating safer communities starts at the local level. That's why we advocate for gun safety initiatives at city councils, county commissions, and other local entities in Texas. By working with local officials, we can promote responsible gun ownership, support community-based gun violence prevention programs, and equip those who know their community best to make the most significant impact.
Community Violence Intervention

Community Violence Intervention (CVI) is a significant priority for Texas Gun Sense. CVI programs focus on reducing interpersonal violence by establishing relationships with the people living in these communities who are at the highest risk of becoming victims, or perpetrators – or both – of violence. Community violence often occurs in under-resourced city neighborhoods and disproportionately impacts Black and Hispanic/Latino communities — specifically young Black and Hispanic/Latino men.

Community Violence Intervention utilizes a public health approach by creating an ecosystem of programs that work together to reduce violence. This kind of intervention is proven to work and something we will continue to support by building trusted partnerships with the Community Justice Action Fund and other organizations offering support for local Texas communities. 

Prioritizing funding for targeted approaches to ending community violence is an investment Texans and Texas lawmakers should make.