Celebrating More Than 11 Years With Texas Gun Sense

May 2, 2024

Texas Gun Sense recently celebrated 11 years of advocacy preventing gun violence in Texas. Our anniversary was marked by reflection on the milestones we’ve achieved, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the progress we’ve made towards a future free from gun violence. We advanced critical gun safety measures, brought advocates together, and stood with survivors. We will continue to be unrelenting in preventing senseless acts of gun violence.

Formed in response to the mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, we grew from a small grassroots organization called Students for Gun-Free Schools in Texas to our current position as a leading voice for sensible gun policies in our state. Through our evolution, we have remained committed to creating a safer future for all Texans. 

Phyllis Schenkkan, long-time supporter and Leadership Circle member, supports Texas Gun Sense because she thinks “creating this organization was a remarkably farsighted and brave action of co-founders Frances Schenkkan and Dr. Juno Woods, particularly its effort to promote actions and legislation that are possible. This is not a ‘pie in the sky’ organization, but an organization committed to feasible solutions to ongoing serious problems in our communities.”

As we look ahead to the future, we remain energized by the possibilities that lie ahead in our ongoing efforts to build a safer Texas. 

We could not do this work without you. Thank you. Please consider celebrating our anniversary by supporting Texas Gun Sense with a donation of any size. Your gift goes right here to work in Texas.



Jesse Woche

Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator