Honoring Black History Month

February 7, 2024

As we step into February, we celebrate Black History Month and the immeasurable contributions of Black advocates in the movement to end gun violence. Our partners at organizations like VIP Fort Worth and Big Mama’s Safe House are doing the life-changing work of intervening in the cycle of violence and investing in the well-being of those most at risk.

Alarmingly, gun violence is the leading cause of death for Black males ages 15-34, and Black Americans are greater than ten times more likely to be murdered by firearms than their White counterparts. 

Advocating for investments in Community Violence Intervention (CVI) programs in partnership with Community Justice Action Fund is a significant priority for Texas Gun Sense. We will continue to call for funding for targeted approaches to end community violence. 

Thank you for standing with us.

Department of Justice Report

Our statement on the January 18th DOJ report detailing the systemic failures and lack of police response that resulted in the murder of 21 students and educators at Robb Elementary: 

These horrific details are compounded by the inexcusable absence of action during the 88th legislative session. Though a bill to raise the age to 21 to purchase semi-automatic rifles like the one used in Uvalde made it out of committee, state leaders — those with the power to act — neglected to move the bill to passage.

The police failed Uvalde. Our policymakers failed Uvalde. Survivors deserve better. We will continue to stand by survivors to demand accountability, action, and justice.

SCOTUS and Gun Violence

Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar last week discussing the intersection of the Supreme Court and gun violence prevention. We heard from experts on how important court cases like US v Rahimi have life-altering consequences for those most vulnerable to firearm violence. If you couldn’t make it, you can watch the webinar now.

National Safe Storage Initiative

Exciting news! The White House’s new executive actions align with our efforts to educate parents about safe gun storage. Act now by urging local school districts to implement HB 3’s safe storage education distribution, and practice secure gun storage at home. You can browse safe firearm storage resources and request free gun locks through our Texas-based partner Lock Arms for Life.

 Fundraise for TGS!

Amplify Austin is approaching, and we invite you to host a fundraising page on social media. Fundraising days like this help us to meet new donors, and we turn their donations into action to save lives. 

Go to our page and click on the Fundraise button to create your personal page. Then share it with friends and family via social media and email. If you have questions, contact Laura@txgunsense.org – and thank you!

 Please consider supporting our Texas-based work to end gun violence. We work tirelessly to demand common sense laws, and we cannot do this without donors like you. Thank you!

VOLUNTEER WITH US – Our volunteer opportunities change throughout the year, but there are many ways you can support Texas Gun Sense and facilitate the change you want to see in your community. We also have upcoming opportunities specifically designed for students!

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SHARE YOUR STORY – If you are a survivor of gun violence, a veteran, a gun owner, or have a unique personal experience and perspective on preventing gun violence, we want to hear your story. Tell us about yourself and someone on our staff will be in touch with you soon. Thank you!