Take a Stand: Responsible Gun Owners Unite Against Gun Violence

We recently hosted a thought-provoking discussion featuring responsible Texas  gun owners who shared their perspectives on gun violence prevention. If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you to watch the recording.

Our speakers discussed the need for safe storage practices and the role of responsible gun ownership in promoting public safety. As panelist and veteran Steve Kling asserted, “Gun owners need to recognize that their voice has been co-opted by a for profit organization. The NRA does not speak for them.”

We believe that every voice matters in the fight against gun violence, including those of responsible gun owners. If you are a gun owner, we encourage you to take further action by emailing your lawmakers calling for the passage of safer gun laws. And please share with others!

Thank you for joining us in this important conversation and for your commitment to promoting responsible gun ownership and preventing gun violence.



Jesse Woche

Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator

Gun Owners Panel Graphic (2)

Did you miss our panel discussion with gun owners? Watch the video on our YouTube channel.