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Texas Gun Sense



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Southwest Regional Advocacy Associate

Community Justice Action Fund

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July 3, 2023

At least 11 people shot and 3 killed in July 3rd mass shooting in Fort Worth.

On July 3rd after Fort Worth’s ComoFest, at least 11 people were shot and 3 killed on the West side of Fort Worth. There were also two additional shootings in the area on Monday in which at least 4 people were shot. 

“Our communities are tired of being scared and traumatized by this crisis,” said Nicole Golden, Texas Gun Sense Executive Director. “This legislative session, our allies at the Capitol filed numerous gun safety bills that top state leadership didn’t support or in many cases, never even allowed a public hearing. Elected officials who abdicate responsibility to protect our families from gun violence are out of touch and out of step.” 

“Ft Worth, Texas joined several communities across the nation this July 4th weekend that were impacted by deadly and destructive gun violence,” added Christina Delgado, Community Justice Action Fund Southwest Regional Advocacy Associate.  “Instead of a time of celebration, our neighbors must now endure a time of sadness, grief and pain as another Texas community is left exposed and residents unprotected from gun violence. This is a call to Texas to recognize the failures of this session to pass life saving legislation that could have prevented this tragedy and so many others that have come before them. It is time for Texas Lawmakers to invest in communities to break these cycles of violence killing our young Texans and secure legislation that will help prevent these acts of gun violence from occurring. This is a travesty for Texans and the families that were forced to bear the burden of losing loved ones during this holiday.”

Texas has experienced some of the most high-profile mass shootings in recent years as well as an increase in daily gun deaths. The Texas Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, led by Texas Gun Sense, is made up of advocates and experts working together to prevent gun violence across the state.