Introducing Our Safe Storage Toolkit!

April 24, 2024

I am thrilled to announce the release of our Safe Gun Storage Toolkit, designed to empower advocates to promote responsible gun ownership, prevent unauthorized access to firearms, and ultimately save lives. 

Texas Gun Sense is committed to providing life-saving information and tools like these to help individuals promote secure firearm storage practices in their homes and become advocates in their communities.


Share the Toolkit: Spread the word about our Safe Storage Toolkit with your networks, friends, and family members. Encourage others to download and utilize these resources to promote gun safety in their communities.

Contact Your School District: Use our sample letter to reach out to school districts and urge them to prioritize safe storage education by distributing materials to families of students. Your advocacy can make a difference in ensuring that vital information reaches those who need it most.

Engage in Dialogue: Initiate conversations about safe storage practices with your peers and community leaders.

Together, let’s take action for gun safety!


Jesse Woche

Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator

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