May 20, 2024

The NRA just wrapped up their national convention in Dallas. This organization bills itself as representing gun owners but has been found corrupt and liable for fraudulently spending donor funds — and is out of step with the majority of responsible gun owners. 

Only two years ago, the convention was in Houston, close to the town of Uvalde, where an incredibly horrific shooting had stolen the lives of 21 students and teachers a few days earlier.


Why do they keep choosing Texas for their convention? Possibly because they pour so much money into our state, with over 2.5 million dollars spent on state level politicians between 2015-2021. 

In the Texas Legislative Session that followed the Robb Elementary shooting, the gun lobby testified against the Raise the Age bill, championed by the families from Uvalde. The NRA lobbyist sat through heartbreaking testimony by bereaved parents late into the night, and then spoke against the bill, which would require individuals to be 21 to purchase a semi-automatic rifle like the one used by an 18 year old to murder 21 children and educators. The majority of Texans support this change. 

But the NRA lobbied against it, and the bill didn’t make it to the house floor for a vote.

The NRA has also opposed safe gun storage legislation, something that the majority of gun owners support. Together, we stood up to the NRA on this, and were able to pass legislation requiring school districts to share safe storage information with families. 

The NRA actively stands in the way of legislation that would save the lives of children, of vulnerable people, of all Texans, but we will continue to stand against them. Please join us in the fight for common sense and life-saving policies. Send a message to the gun lobby by making a donation now. 

Your donation will help us oppose their influence in our politics, and push for evidence-based policies to save lives. Thank you for being part of the movement for a safer future in Texas. 

Nicole Golden

Executive Director


P.S. Thank you to our partners Moms Demand Action, GIFFORDS, and Texas Impact for protesting at the convention. 

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