Advocacy Toolkit Resources


Texas has a long history of responsible gun ownership, and a critical piece of that is ensuring that all firearms are stored securely. Safely storing firearms reduces theft and prevents tragedies including unintentional shootings, shootings.

Safe storage saves lives. Dig into our toolkit to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to be a strong safe gun storage advocate — and help us build a safer Texas.


The Texas Gun Sense Youth Advocacy Toolkit is designed to provide young Texans under the age of 18 with the tools and information required to be effective gun violence prevention advocates.

Living as a young person in Texas comes with the reality of the gun violence crisis that is plaguing our state. With this toolkit, we aim to empower young people through education. To learn more about how young people can fight for school safety, watch our recent panel featuring student and educational advocates.


This toolkit spotlights gun safety advocacy efforts that supporters can take when the Texas Legislature is not in session.

It’s all the information you need to advocate effectively for gun violence prevention in Texas in one place, as we gear up for the upcoming legislative session. This kit will empower you to fight for safer communities before the 89th session of the Texas Legislature kicks off. 



This comprehensive resource contains valuable information, including debunked myths, tips for engaging with communities, and guidance on effective advocacy strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or new to the movement, this toolkit will empower you to make a difference when the legislature is in session in Texas.