White House Launches Safe Gun Storage Initiative

January 31, 2024

Dear Friends,

We’re thrilled to share that the White House has taken a monumental step towards promoting safe gun storage nationwide with the launch of new executive actions.

This initiative aligns closely with the policy we championed last session to require public school districts across Texas to distribute safe firearm storage information to parents.

Now, as the White House introduces this life-saving initiative, it’s an opportune moment for us to leverage our collective strength. We’re calling on you to join us in ensuring the implementation of HB 3’s safe storage policy. Help us reach more parents across Texas by contacting your local school district to ensure they are distributing safe gun storage materials to parents. Let school leadership know how important it is to you to see this implemented so that every parent and guardian receives life-saving information.

 Promote Safe Gun Storage Practices at Home 

In addition to supporting legislation, take proactive steps to promote safe gun storage practices at home and start a safe storage conversation with the people in your life. Share information on how to secure firearms safely, including the use of gun safes, cable locks, and storage away from ammunition. Safe storage = storing guns unloaded in a safe or locked container, with ammunition stored elsewhere.

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission to promote responsible gun ownership and safe gun storage practices. With your continued support, we can ensure that these initiatives translate into safer communities for all.


As we continue our mission to promote gun safety and put an end to gun violence in Texas, we want to express our gratitude for your ongoing support. Your contributions have been instrumental in enabling Texas Gun Sense to make a positive impact in our communities. We encourage you to keep donating and supporting our cause, as every contribution plays a vital role in preventing gun violence in Texas.