December 6, 2023 – Texas Gun Sense responds to string of Central Texas shootings

This week, 6 people were killed and 3 were injured in a string of shootings that took place in Austin and San Antonio, perpetrated by a single gunman who killed his parents before shooting others.

“We cannot allow the public to become numb to the daily crisis of gun violence in our state,” says Nicole Golden, Executive Director of Texas Gun Sense.

Your Impact in Action: Updates on Advocacy Efforts

As we reflect on the impactful moments of our fall fundraiser last week, we extend our deepest gratitude to the incredible supporters, sponsors, and inspiring speakers who united to champion a safer Texas. The work we do together is laying the groundwork for a future free from gun violence.

Uniting Against Domestic Violence – October Newsletter

In 2022, 216 Texans were killed in intimate partner violence and more than 70% of victims were killed with a firearm. Firearms increase the chances that an intimate partner will be murdered by 5 times. Loopholes in federal and state law leave guns in the hands of abusive partners and stalkers, often with deadly results. Read more.

Engaging Young People In Advocacy

For teens who want to get involved, there are so many ways you can help. Even if you can’t vote for policymakers who would support common sense gun reform

Panel Discussion – Unpacking The 88th Legislative Session

Watch our engaging and informative virtual panel discussion Gun Safety: Unpacking the 88th Texas Legislative Session originally recorded on Thursday, July 13th, 2023. Our moderator is Nicole Golden, Texas Gun Sense Executive Director. Guests include Representative Vikki Goodwin, Dr. Lauren Gambill, and Christina Delgado from Community Justice Action Fund.

PTSD and Me

By guest author Dr. Angel Durr. “My heart aches with an indescribable pain that never fades. My 54-year-old mother was taken from me and my family in April 2021 by a senseless and preventable act of gun violence.” READ MORE